Merry Christmas

. Dear Santa. For this year I would like:

1) A computer that doesn’t freeze, overheat or just shut down for no good reason just when I’m about to write a brilliant line.

2) A cure for my incessant laziness, so I actually write these stories instead of dreaming them.

3) A brand new magazine, just searching for ghost stories, to start up in the UK. (Or if there is one, its name and address please)

4) A never-ending stack of paper. A4 lined in a ring-binder please.

5) A list of publishers who do publish ghost stories, short stories, accept unsolicited manuscripts, and read them.

6) A really good covering letter for my stories. I know I’m supposed to sell myself, but I just can’t do it. I’m English!

7) Umm – that’s about it really. Hey look, a new laptop! Thanks Santa!

See you next year.


One response to “Merry Christmas

  1. Greetings ~ my wish list nearly echoes yours ~ number 2 ~ the stories I dream up while at the day job ~ the memory of them when I bootup the laptop or even take pencil in hand; and publishers seeking short stories to actually read and publish ~ if you get a lead, do share

    Hope the coming new decade is one of joy, and light, and wishes fulfilled ~ Write On!


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