Christmas Gifts for Writers by Christine Duncan

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  We all have a wish list of some sort for Christmas, even if all we wish is that we don’t have too many bills when the holiday is gone.  But as a writer, what is on your dream list?

I’m not talking the real dream–getting published and selling a gazillion copies.  I take that as a given.  But if you thought the money was there, what would you like?  A dream trip to (insert some exotic locale, folks, mine is the Bahamas) so you could write about it in some fabulous travel magazine?  How about an Amazon Kindle so you could read all of your favorite books, any time anywhere?

My writing wish list?  It’s relatively modest–maybe just enough money so that I could rejoin a few of my favorite writing organizations like —Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, along with hmm, how about a new laptop?  (Hey, I can dream!)

What’s on your list?


One response to “Christmas Gifts for Writers by Christine Duncan

  1. Good list! Its always fun to think about what type of people want what kind of stuff. I have my own list of gifts for writers on my creative writing blog. Check it out, see what you think.

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