Hot enough for you? by Karen Fainges

The Shayton Chronicles Book 3: The Children of Tamal by Karen Fainges (Fantasy: Vampire)

Front Cover of The Children of Tamal

 It was strange reading Michelle’s post about winter. In Australia, of course, it is summer. And how! The whole country is having a heat wave. As I type, it is 10:am and 36 degrees centigrade and on its way to 42.  (That’s 97 going up to 107 in Fahrenheit).

So for me, I am fight not the doldrums but the sweats. I find it’s too hot to think much. So I tend to go somewhere else to write. I hop into the spa and bubble in the cool with a notepad and pen. My hubbie built a little cover to use as a table.

Or I sit under a tree in the breeze. Sometimes I take my daughter to the public pool and sit watching others and trying to make up stories about them or even just describe them as if they are a character. It makes for a great pool of secondary characters to feed into stories and on occasions I have had these develop into full blown characters in their own right. The great thing about Mount Isa is that we have over 70 different cultures, so there is always a different aspect of humanity to examine. One hint though, be sure to wear sun glasses so they don’t think you are staring.

And I try to trick myself into thinking it is cooler by listening to cool sounds in the background, water running etc. There are plenty of CD’s and downloads out there to help this and they can set a mood without being distracting. So there is always an excuse not to write, but plenty of ways to get yourself started as well.


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