Now is the winter of our discontent…

. Winter is a difficult time for me. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short. During the winter, on the cloudy days, when I don’t see the sun for weeks, I get melancholic (a better word than depressed, I find), lethargic, and incredibly sleepy, to the point where it’s a constant struggle to stay awake. This affects me during the cloudy, chilly days of winter – in England, that’s practically every day between November and April.

And of course, this affects my writing. Even if I could get up the energy to write, and didn’t fall asleep over the page, my melancholia guarantees I’d hate everything I’d wrote, and lose all confidence.

Of course, I fight it. I find if I stay very busy, make sure I’m doing something all the time, I have less time to sink into my own depressing thoughts. And I fight tiredness with copious amounts of caffeine (it’s a good thing I love coffee). But this still isn’t a good time to write – so I use this time to do all those non-writing writer’s tasks. I;-

Read articles on writing/publishing etc.
I research for future stories (which means lots of enjoyable reading of ghost stories and history)
I look up the names of possible publishers and editors, and magazines.
I edit and tidy up the stories I’ve already written.
I type up all those hand written scraps of paper I’ve got lying around.
I work on covering letters
I post off those stories
I buy papers and pencils and envelopes and computer discs. I also sharpen all those pencils.

It’s actually very helpful, using this non-creative time to do all these little tasks. It means when the sun shines again, and I get back to writing, there’ll be nothing to distract me and nothing left undone.


One response to “Now is the winter of our discontent…

  1. I, too, have the SAD yuck that comes with the dark days of late fall and winter. I totally understand. It’s great that you’ve found tasks to be productive.

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