narelle-thumb12I’m not being honest in my writing.  Not telling lies dishonesty – more your garden variety holding back type of dishonesty. Some of my holding back has to do with being polite and not offending as well as the desire to be nice. Not that there’s anything wrong with being nice or polite – both are useful – just not useful in my writing.

It’s ironic – writing is about self-expression and here I am inhibiting myself.

I can see I’m at a crossroads. Unless I open up and speak my truth (for better or worse) I will never be able to connect with readers the way I want to. More than that – I’ll continue to struggle with this block because my creativity is stubborn and has issued an ultimatum: “let go and open up or i’ll continue with the go slow tactics”.

That’s cool. I guess it’s all part of my evolution as a writer. I’m going to have to manage all of the above along with the obvious fear of genuinely expressing myself and the fear of rejection.

By the by – I’d like to share this link (sorry, having problems with the link function…just cut and paste).


One response to “Honesty

  1. It does take a lot of courage to write honestly, and it can be terrifying, but the readers reaction is amazing

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