Holiday Promo by Christine Duncan I know a lot of writers who are revving up for the holidays. Some of them are offering their books as gift-wrapped bundles at special prices. Some of them are doing special holiday contests on their blogs. Many romance writers seem to do this one, and often it involves readers going on a bit of a blog tour as the writers do a group contest. One woman I know is gearing up to sell her books at Holiday craft sales.

I have done the holiday contest thing. It was fun, but I didn’t really see an uptick in sales. As for the special price on both of my books, gift wrapped, I don’t think my publisher would be too happy.

I haven’t done the holiday craft shows mostly because the only local craft shows that I know about seem to involve art juries deciding who gets to participate. Still I’m going to look into it, because the writer who is doing it seems to have a pretty good success rate at it.

So what am I doing? I’ll be doing a podcast on Monday at 5:00 central on Murder, She Writes and I’m hoping to do a bit more blog touring. I’m still trying to arrange some local things.

The thing is, not much in the way of advertising is going to influence my buying patterns this year. I’m going to be fairly practical and very frugal (read that as cheap.) In a year where many of us had to stretch to pay the mortgage, I’m thinking I won’t be alone. But hey, I’m always open to any suggestions on promo.


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