Writing is not just writing.

. My dance classes give me grace, and style, and free my creative spirit.

The books I read open up whole new worlds for me.

My acting class shows me how words on a page are utterly transformed when spoken.

The places I visit give me settings for my tales.

My hours at the gym occupy my restless body, so setting my mind free to roam.

The dreary journeys on the bus force me to dream.

My internet surfing tell me fascinating things I never knew – and spark the story.

The movies I watch move and inspire me.

My dull dull work fuels my burning desire to escape into my story world.

Every action, every step, every thought goes towards a story.

My disappointments transform into tears on page, writing my broken heart out.

My joys lend my pen wings, as I sweep across the page, creating my own world.

Even when I’m not writing, I’m writing.


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