Creative Promo by Christine Duncan

Safehouse2_cvrI used to do a bit of promo for other writers through Breakthrough Promotions. I found the job interesting because, I have no problem singing the praises of other writers.

A little trick I learned there is that you can use promotion to get more. For instance, if a writer had a radio interview somewhere, it was standard procedure to call bookstores in the area to tell them about the radio interview and ask about a possible book signing at their store. The implied promise, of course, (or sometimes the flat out statement) was that their store would be mentioned on the radio. It worked! Most of the time anyway.

I’ve been doing things similar to that since Safe House came out about a month ago–or trying to. For instance, my publisher was very busy all spring and summer and couldn’t give me a definite date when the book would be out. Consequently I could not even begin to arrange book signings until I had the book in my hand–literally.

This is very bad because when you are published, as I am, with a small press, booksignings are a way to get the store to carry your books. But signings usually have to be arranged months in advance so that the store can put the info in their flyer and advertise other ways.

So, without any advance arrangements for signings, I was afraid no one would carry the books. But when I got the interview with the local paper, I called my local Barnes and Noble (who had already turned me down on the signing) and told them about it. They immediately ordered the book, on the promise that I would mention it was there in the interview–which I did. One problem solved.

Tell me how you got creative with promotion. What did you do that helped you?


One response to “Creative Promo by Christine Duncan

  1. Hello Christine,

    Your second sentence grabbed me immediately, and so true. Promoting a book as the second, third person and so on carries much more credibility than singing your own praises.
    Great post with sound advice. Thank you

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