October Reminder by Christine Duncan

Safehouse2_cvrI woke up this morning to discover that not only is summer over, but it’s the middle of October. I think it was the snow on the ground that really confirmed it for me. It wasn’t much snow, mind you, but then again, it’s not winter yet.

Anyway, it served as a reminder for me to tell you that it is Domestic Violence Awareness month here in the good old USA. So please, consider donating money, time or if they want them, your gently used items to your local shelter. There really aren’t enough shelters to go around and they are all grateful for what you can give them.

Recently, as I was researching a piece I was doing, I called NCADV to try to verify a statistic I keep stumbling across on the internet. What I wanted to know simply is–is it true that there are more animal shelters in the U.S. than domestic violence shelters. The woman on the phone painstakingly took me through it. We went to the humane society’s statistics on our respective computers then we went and explored the statistics for domestic violence shelters. I don’t have the number before me to impress you but the short answer is yes. There are more animal shelters here in the U.S. than domestic violence shelters.

Does anyone else find that as shocking as I do?

We need more shelters. And for that, we need more help. Please, prayerfully consider it.

And to bring this back to the topic of this blog–writing–I want to say that sometimes you have nothing to give. No money, no time, nothing extra. That’s okay. Do what I just did.

Writers, that means I’m challenging you to write about Domestic Violence Awareness month on your blog or Facebook or where ever you can. Spread the word–however you can. Even just a short word of reminder will help.


2 responses to “October Reminder by Christine Duncan

  1. Christine,

    I have written about domestic violence on my blog and will several times more this month. I’m also donating $5 to the NDVH for every copy of Dream or Destiny sold during DVAM. I didn’t set out to write about domestic violence when I started the book, but the characters took over and let me know about their experiences. This is such a serious problem—I hope many writers will do something.

  2. This is an issue that really needs more attention, it is frightening to read so many of the heartbreaking stories. Victims of Domestic Violence need help. It is for this reason that Vanilla Heart Publishing and Chelle Cordero will donate $1 per copy of Bartlett’s Rule sold from midnight October 18, 2009 through midnight October 31, 2009 to The National Domestic Violence Hotline, to further their amazing work. http://bit.ly/1TmsJB. I would like to give my personal thanks to you and to other writers who are helping to inform our nation of this cause.

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