Writers as Readers A Catty piece by Christine Duncan

Before I get to my rant for today, I wanted to shout from the mountain tops! Safe House is out in print. You can find it on the Trebleheart book site, or it should be on Amazon and the other usual places soon.

We’ve discussed this before but a recent discussion on a writing forum brought another dimension to this discussion that I hadn’t previously considered. As many of you who saw my original post on the subject know, I am more than a little appalled by writers who don’t read. Or who can’t be bothered to read much. And yes, there were those in this  discussion who proudly proclaimed that they weren’t readers.
But the rest of the discussion was the part I hadn’t thought much about.  Some of these writers wanted to read but since they had learned so much about the craft itself, were unable to find books that interested them. Many times they were forced to put books down because of the craft problems.
Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever done that. It’s not that I don’t read some terrible stuff. I do. But then something in me kicks in to wonder why the book sold despite its obvious problems. And the writing part of me is busily re-writing to avoid the problems. The what if syndrome.
I don’t know that it helps my writing any. But it makes me feel superior. :->
And I can sympathize with the reasoning behind those writers who can’t find much worth reading.  Sometimes you don’t want to pick a piece apart. You just want to lose yourself in a good book.
As to the writers who don’t read. I think their excuse is universal. They all seem to think they have something to give. What I want to know is, if they don’t read, how do they know it hasn’t already been done to death?
Are you a reader? Do you think it helps your writing?


2 responses to “Writers as Readers A Catty piece by Christine Duncan

  1. I don’t know how a person can write without reading. Even if the process serves only to tell you how wonderful you are in comparison to everyone else. Not that I fall into that category…

    I learn something from every single piece of ANYTHING that I read. Take me out and shoot me when I reach the point that I can’t learn something from someone else…or their book.

  2. I am still, to a small degree, an avid reader. I have changed genres over the past couple of years, so what I read now doesn’t necessarily bump heads with I write (or at least attempt to write).

    I find that a lot of what I read helps me with my writing. I pick up on certain nuances and writing styles that I can use to further enhance/improve the way I write.

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