Winging It? by Christine Duncan

Safehouse2_cvr This post is a bit of a gripe and is not related what I was trying to say last week. But do you ever sit down to a deadline (for say, your blog) knowing you have to write something and yet you have no idea what to write?

Uh huh. Me too. There are some days when it feels as though every topic, every thought in my head is already covered and copyrighted somewhere by someone else. And yet, I have to write something. I tend to go looking for ideas at Crimespace or in my research when that happens. Or I go looking through my hard drive. Often I have jotted a note down somewhere about a blog topic that I ‘ve thought of but don’t have the time to research or write about just then. Yet many bloggers and tweeters seem to just…write whatever comes into their heads.

Over the years there have been a number of writing exercises out there like this. You know, the warm-ups where you sit down and just write with out stopping, without censorship, without planning it out-whatever you’re thinking about at the time so that once you’ve done your ten (or fifteen or whatever) minutes, you will be primed to write on your WIP. I believe Bird by Bird has an exercies like this, and I’m sure I’ve seen it in writing magazines and the like.

It may prime the pump, folks but it’s not necessarily great reading. I don’t want to read blogs just for the sake of reading. I don’t what to see tweets on the clouds you just saw outside your window. Hey! I’ve got my own clouds.

K-Love quoted a study out this week stating that 40% of all Tweets out there are about the minutia. (Okay, they were nicer–they didn’t use the word minutia. I’m paraphrasing, okay?) I have to say, if all you got to write about is what the cute girl who was riding past you on the bike was wearing, I’d rather you took a blog/tweet vacation. I’ll catch you later. I promise.

Go ahead. Tell me I’m cranky. I know it.


3 responses to “Winging It? by Christine Duncan

  1. Okay, you’re cranky. :-0

    However, you do have a valid point about the difference between writing something just to fill a space, and writing something that makes a person think.

    I think that we all have a tendency to write a bit of the mundane/minutia for a deadline (like a blog) and cringe afterwards when we post it/publish it.

    But if we didn’t make a mistake every once in a while, while trying to do our very best, we wouldn’t really be doing much of anything.

  2. Hey, Georgie,
    I wasn’t setting myself up as perfect. I have done plenty of blog posts that were far from perfect.

    But I truly think when you are thinking about something, and doing it as much as you have to be to keep a blog up to date and keep up with your WIP and all the other writing we do just to keep up, that things will come up. You won’t be left hanging out there idealess for very long, because something will happen that you’ll want to talk about. Whether it’s the woman at the bookstore who tells you that you can’t do a signing there, because they don’t do POD books or the discussion with your Mom when she told you that she wishes you would do something that made a little more money–if you’re out there writing, something has got to occur. So tell me about that.

    But then again, you know that. “Cause you do that on your blog.

  3. I think you lost me on that one.

    I’m probably my own worst critic when it comes to my blogs, only because I set for myself such high standards that they can get in the way of some really interesting writing.

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