Too Hot to Handle by Karen Fainges

Another Torchwood fan, I found myself sometimes flinching at the rawness of the latest episodes. I found myself wishing they had toned it down a little.

After the episodes, I had to face the fact that the show would not have been half as good without those confronting moments. It definitely made me want to watch it all over again.

My own books have some confronting thoughts in them and hopefully that makes people think. I do have to acknowledge that some will just put the book down and never pick it up again. Others might send me hate mail (hasn’t happened yet) but I wouldn’t take those bits out for all the book sales in the world. The characters can make statements I can not. Sci-fi has often broached new areas – Star Trek and the first inter-racial kiss showed on TV (Kirk and Uhurah) is a notable one but there are many others. For some reason, when the person is green (or in my case purple), people allow them to break through those barriers a lot more readily.

I wonder why that is?

So what shouldn’t we put in books – death? How about sex? How about disabilities? How about taboos? Rude words? My books hold all of the above, but not for the shock factor, I find that tacky. No, because it is a large part of the characters and plot. And perhaps – that is how we tell when the line should be drawn.


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