Social Networking–again by Christine Duncan

safehouse Again, all of my on-line book discussion groups seem to be filled with talk of where to network. This time, we are all exchanging our Twitter names and the groups are filled with people who can tell you what ap to use to update Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and the like all at once so you don’t have to take the time to go to all.
It is so very…efficient. And I admit to using aps like and Twaitter when I’m busy so that they will do the work for me. But I miss the interaction this way. I don’t really connect with people if all I’m doing is doing a quick update of my status. I have begun calling the whole deal MYFACE, because it is all so narcississtic. Yet I do it. And there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll get on Twitter again, probably today and tweet: Read My Blog, I got a Great Review on Myshelf, or just–Read My Book.
I really liked June Shaw’s comments about promoting on this blog. I believe we need to promote. I just miss the people part of it. Sigh. Is there a solution?


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