Why I return to a blog

safehouseI already blogged this week on the other blog I’m on about why I go back to certain blogs over and over again. But you know, our discussion here about the difference between amateurs and professional writers got me going again. I’ve spent a lot of time on other people’s blogs this past couple of months as part of this blog tour and I’ve had a heck of a lot of time to figure out why I would return to one or the other. I’m going to write a post here pretty soon about the blogs I love because there are a bunch of them.
But it is the sense of community that comes from the back and forth discussion like the one we had this week that is the real reason I return to blogs. Whether it’s a discussion on sex scenes and whether we do them or not or just what it is that sets apart the real writer from the ones who aren’t, I learn from all of you. I like you guys. I like “talking” to you. And it’s fun to agree to disagree sometimes. Just thought I’d tell you that.


One response to “Why I return to a blog

  1. Tongue in cheek, I can truthfully say I return to my own blog each week like the criminal returning to the scene of the crime. In other words, it’s time for another posting so back I go.
    Thanks for the thoughtful postings.

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