A Year????

safehouse1 Okay, we haven’t quite done it yet–but we’re coming up on it. In about 2 weeks, Rule of Three will be one year old. Wow! I’m impressed with us!
This is something to celebrate. Many blogs fall by the wayside during that first year. I was part of one myself last summer, that didn’t make it through the whole summer. (I hope it wasn’t because I’m hard to work with!) So how do we celebrate our first year?
Hopefully, one of you will have some super creative ideas. The only thing passing through my head at this point is that maybe we can recycle some topics. Not that I want re-treads on the blog–but after a year things like “Blogs We Love” might have changed a smidge, right?
So we can maybe run that one again–with all the blogs we love.
So give us some ideas! How should we celebrate Rule of Three’s first anniversary?


One response to “A Year????

  1. I actually went a little bit goofy when I celebrated my one year anniversary last week. I did a brief 150-200 word humorous story on the birth of my blog, pointing out the highlights (or lowlights) of my character, then I linked up five of the first eight posts I created.

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