FB, MS, Tweets

safehouseIf you know what the heck the title of this post means, you do your fair share of networking. Me, I always have to stop and think–MS is a disease in my book, not myspace and as for FB, I tend to think of some feminine product. Lately, all the writer’s listserves I’m on seem to be devoted to these acronyms as the authors try to get each other’s Twitter addies or facebook urls.
I guess that’s promo at work. If we’re promoting to ourselves as writers. Don’t get me wrong–if you send me your Twitter name, I’ll follow you. I tweet about this blog and the other blog I’m on MakeMineMystery and I like being part an on-line writing community. I pick up a lot of stuff there just as I do on the writing listservs I’m on.
But I don’t expect you guys to buy my books either. Plus I keep hearing that these things are on the last legs of the fad. So what’s the newest fad? What new way is there to get your book out there promo wise? Are you podcasting? Are you putting book trailers up on Youtube? (I really don’t see the point of that one–are there really that many people so bored with their lives that they’re sitting on Youtube trolling for book trailers? Isn’t it easier to just go to a store and check out the covers and the backs of the books?)
Or are you trying the old fashioned way–going out to the book stores and trying to hand sell your stuff one signing at a time?
The thing is I have learned in the last year or so just how much of a time sink blogging, tweeting, facebook, and all the of the rest are. So a podcast or a book trailer would probably be even worse. Wouldn’t they? And I am trying to write the next in the series although my critique partners claim not to have noticed. And with this economy, I tend to shudder at the thought of how much it would cost to go across the country trying to sell my book.
Still I need ideas. What are you doing right now to promote and why?


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