Copying Blog Posts?

safehouse I seem to be on a roll blogging about blogging but I can’t help myself. This week I came across one of my posts from Rule of Three– this blog on someone else’s blog. Now they did attribute the post to me. It also had a link to this blog–so I suppose it should feel like a good thing since it’s another link out there. I’m left wondering why it doesn’t.
I guest blog on other folk’s blogs and we have guest bloggers here. It shouldn’t feel any different. Of course, before any of that stuff, we exchange emails with the other writer. We see what their blogs are about, see if we’re a fit with them. We do some promo. But really I’m not sure why this feels different. Have any of you had this happen? How did you react? Am I being wierd about this? I really want to know.


4 responses to “Copying Blog Posts?

  1. I’ve had it done to me on numerous occasions, not whole posts (that I know of) but small snippets and brief references.

    I actually enjoy it, because its means to me that someone read something of mine at my blog (or in a comment section) and thought enough of it to make a link to it, or even build a small post around it.

  2. Happened to me too – not blogs, but chat room posts. Sort of gave me a little thrill, cos it meant I was famous/good enough to quote!

  3. I have had entire posts, text and pictures, copied into other blogs without my permission or attribution. At first I thought “this is cool!” because like you I think it’s kind of like an affirmation of my work. Then I realized they are getting Adsense clicks off my content and the thrill quickly wore off. I’m not sure how to prevent it. Any ideas or suggestions?

  4. I only wish I knew, Otto. My guess is the best any of us can do is google ourselves on a regular basis but even that doesn’t tell all. After all, you can’t google every post you ever made. I’m finding the whole thing aggravating.

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