101 Uses for Blogs??

Michelle mentioned in her last post that she had planned to write on one thing for her blog post and then wrote something else because of something she had seen. I do that a lot. I know that we’re not supposed to write blogs about what we had for lunch or other trivia but it’s just how my mind works. You guys all get to read whatever turned up this week.
This week what came up were blogs. You know, and are probably sick of hearing about, my blog tour. But here’s something that never occurred to me when I started thinking I’d do a blog tour. No, it’s not that bad having to write that many posts at once–not exactly. It’s getting inside the mind of the audience. Many blogs where I’m touring are aimed at writers, just as this one is. But there are twists and turns on that. Some of those blogs are just for mystery writers. Some of those blogs are totally on what its like to be a writer. Some of them are on craft. Some are just discussions of mysteries.
This must be what it’s like to write for magazines. You have to decipher the difference between the articles Women’s Day presents to its readers and how Ladies Home Journal does it. And there is a difference. It’s not enough to say they’re both women’s magazines. So I’ve found one more thing in my 101 uses for blogs. They aren’t just good for writing discipline, or for promo or even for venting your opinion. They are great practice for discriminating between market segments. Who knew?


4 responses to “101 Uses for Blogs??

  1. When my first mystery came out, I was “told” I needed to have a blog. Now who’s going to argue with your publisher, right? But I didn’t feel comfortable posting about my opinions nor did I think anyone would much care what I thought. But I found that my blog is the perfect outlet for all the fun trivia I learn while researching 1920’s Africa, stuff that I can’t use in the book without bogging it down. But a lot of readers like learning more so it works well as a weekly historical trivia posting.
    To tour it go to http://suzannearruda.blogspot.com and let me know what you think.

  2. So very true that uses for a blog is only limited to your imagination.

    I use mine now to practice and develop my writing style, and to make people think (residual leftovers from my chat room days), and for the most part, it has worked out extremely well for me.

  3. I love blogs. Heck, I love my own blog, and many others’ blogs, and I find this blog interesting! 🙂 What I’m feeling a little weary about is reading those notices all over the loops, “Visit XXX.com where I’m guest blogging! Come read my posting and win a (whatever) in my drawing.
    With limited time for writing plus all the other promotional and life demands, I’m not inclined to jump around reading other people’s blogs, simply because they’re guest blogging. If, however, they send a teaser on a topic I’m interested in, and they deliver in a ratio that’s 80% helpful 20% promo instead of vice versa, I’m a happy blog surfer. :-))
    Thanks for posting an interesting topic.

  4. Janet, I tried to go to your blog but the apache software sign was up!

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