The hunt for a publisher continues

narelle-thumb12In my last publisher update I mentioned that we had received a ‘full’ request within days of submitting the query.  Just the other day we received a rejection from that publisher. 

I was gutted.  I litterally feel like I’ve been kicked in the guts every time I receive a rejection for my work.  It hasn’t gotten any easier with practice. 

It generally takes me between 24-48 hrs to process and recover from a publisher/editor rejection.  I usually can’t even talk about it until this period passes.   The next part of my rejection recovery is to put on some good music and create two more queries. 

As I stood in line at the post office today, I wondered if one of the packages I was holding would result in a deal.  Fingers crossed – again, still.


2 responses to “The hunt for a publisher continues

  1. Whenever my agent sends me a status update on my manuscript submissions, I always feel deflated by the rejection. But at the same time, there’s usually a reason to go with it that makes sense. Sometimes the editor loves the writing, but they want the plot to go in a different direction that would change the story. Or one editor didn’t like the religious connotations associated with angels. And another loved the book, but felt the changes needed to tie it in with the imprint would not be in the best interest of the story. Other editors say not this one, but send us something else. It’s very subjective, but never demeaning or insulting. It’s business.

    I’m a reader, a buyer of books for my own entertainment, and I know what it’s like to scan the bookshelves at the store in search of a good read. Some books just don’t do it for me. They may be well written, and the characters sound interesting, but it’s not to my taste. Editors aren’t any different, so how can I feel bad about them not choosing my book? I relate too well with how they feel.

    My solution is to turn around and write another book. The book my agent has is still under consideration with 4 editors she’s prodding this week (*bites nails*), but I already have another book written and in the stages of revision. It’s the start of a new series, and I love it as much as the other one. And when this one goes out on submission, I’ll write yet another book. Rinse and repeat.

    My agent supports me 110%. She loves my books, she loves my writing, and she won’t give up. However, I want to make sure she has a salable product to peddle. I’ll keep returning to the drawing board if that’s what it takes.

  2. I’m so sorry – but you did get quite far this time. Maybe next time you’ll get a bit closer, and then a bit closer still – this time, you just have a have a little weep, then forge on ahead. I’m certain you’ll be successful

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