Too Many Idiots Can Write!

safehouseMichelle has a point with her rant–don’t get me wrong. (See “Bit of An Angry Rant”–the post before this one.)  I do think that it takes some talent and some training to write.  The apprenticeship is long. 

But this is Rule of Three and I feel obligated to play devil’s advocate.

We do believe anyone can write. What does it take to blog, for instance? Who sets the bar? You don’t have to read the bad blogs of course. And hopefully the truly bad blogs will soon disappear because their authors get tired of the discipline it takes to keep putting stuff out there with little to no feedback. But really isn’t the whole idea of blogging resting on the idea that anyone can write? If not, why is there a need for books like No One Cares What You had for Lunch? And what about Twitter? Or shouldn’t we go there? But really isn’t it the same idea? I think in some way that we all believe, just a little bit, that any idiot can write.


One response to “Too Many Idiots Can Write!

  1. I’m new to this site so I’m a little behind, but I read Michelle’s posting and she has a right to be angry. Any talent, whether it is painting or playing sports, requiring training and honing. Taking writing classes (and reading a lot) is an excellent way to hone a writing talent.
    As a professional writer myself, I get asked a LOT how to get a manuscript published like I have a magic pill. When I suggest the long hard route of learning your craft, they shut me off. So any idiot can write, but someone with a professional attitude like Michelle’s will pull it off.

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