stars-stripes1 I’m in a bad mood today. First off, Twitter is slow. Glacially slow. Most updates are taking 15 minutes or more to show up. Which wouldn’t matter except that I’m trying to figure out all the Twitter apps. I use to update twitter and a couple of other sites like facebook and myspace. But not often because it somehow seems easier just to tweet.
I also use Twitterfeed. That’s easier because I haven’t had to do a thing since I set it up. Basically, it feeds the first few lines of this blog to Twitter when something changes–like when a post is new. So everytime we write, Twitter is getting the feed and tweeting it for us.
But I keep seeing the Twitter ap on Firefox(what is it, Twitterbar?), thinking maybe I should use it to speed myself up. The problem with anything on Firefox is they keep updating the dang things and expecting me to do the update. Way too time consuming.
And for a while I was using Netvibes, which is a blog aggregator because I could update Twitter there while I was checking all of my favorite blogs, but that took forever to load on my slow dial up connection.
I keep hearing good things about Tweetdeck. It is supposed to help you find groups, I guess.
Here’s the thing, folks, I don’t have time to keep up with all these applications that are supposed to save me time. And I’m kind of wondering if I even want to anymore.
But then again, I’m a bit of a geek. So I’ll probably keep it up. Sigh, anybody know of an app that will write a blog post for me?


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