The successful query

narelle-thumb12As requested, here is the successful non-fiction query.  I would remind you to read the publisher or agents submission guidelines when formulating your query.


Fabulous Publishing Limited


Dear Sir/Madam,


Re:  Playing to Win – A Success Handbook for Nannies

Please find enclosed the first two chapters of our manuscript, Child’s Play – A Success Handbook for Nannies, complete at 24,500 words.  Child’s Play is designed to guide nannies – both novice and experienced – through the complicated business of living in someone else’s house, life and marriage while caring for their children. 

As per the Fabulous Publishing’s submission guidelines, we would like to address the following points:


Author CV (and why we are the best people to write this book):


Narelle Bitunjac attended the University of Western Sydney and gained a Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree, making the Dean’s list for academic excellence in 2005, her final year.  In her current position, as an infant’s teacher, Narelle uses many of the skills she acquired during the years when she worked as a nanny herself.


Narelle’s article Dear John, a 950 word non-fiction piece about domestic homicide, appeared in Honestly Woman magazine October-December 2008 issue.  Honestly Woman is a women’s business magazine with national distribution.  The same article appeared on an American crime writer’s website called Women In Crime Ink.  It can be found in the “your say” section.


Fiona Debarge began her career in child care in 1988 when she attended the Australian Nanny School.  Over the years Fiona worked in Child Care and Kindergarten facilities, as a Ski Kinder Teacher, alongside new mothers and established families.  Fiona continues her work as a nanny and having just had her first child, has developed a new appreciation for motherhood.


Similar books:

Aside from a text book or two, there appear to be no locally written nanny handbooks on the market in Australia.  We did find one title which was written in the U.K.  Details are as follows:


The Essential Guide to Being a Nanny

Author: Teena Kamen

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (24 Sep 2004)

Language English

ISBN-10: 0340814683

ISBN-13: 978-0340814680

RRP: $56.95

Playing to Win – A Success Handbook for Nannies differs from this title and appeals to our target audience in the following ways: 

It contains local and therefore completely relevant information;

* It is up to date;

* It has a friendly, supportive tone which is easy to relate to;

* It will be inexpensive compared to this imported product.

Market description:

This non-fiction handbook book will appeal to nannies aged 18 and older.  We have included relevant information for all states of Australia making it marketable nationwide.

Additional Markets:

We would suggest marketing this book to babysitters and to parents who employ a nanny.  It contains vital information and will ensure that everyone involved with caring for the children has a common understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read our submission.  We look forward to hearing from you when you have considered our work.


Yours faithfully,


Narelle Bitunjac & Fiona Debarge


A word about fiction…I have found it much more difficult to query successfully for fiction as writing a synopsis is an art unto itself. How do you reduce your 75,000 word masterpiece into a paragraph or two that hits the mark?


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