Crunch Time

safehouseSince Safe House is coming out next month I am fast approaching freak out mode. There is still so much to do, and no time to do it. My cover is not yet done but people are asking for it to post with their reviews or to post with my guest blog for my blog tour. So I am just putting them off.

My links are not yet final as since the book is not done yet, it is not up at even my publisher’s site yet let alone Amazon or But again reviewers and others are asking for the link to post.
I need to line more blogs up for my blog tour, get some posts written. Joyce and Jim Lavene, I have not forgotten your interview for your blog. I am working on it, really. Linda Hutchinson, I have also not forgotten your kind offer. I will be in touch this week.

I also need to email some of these reviewers myself and ask if I can use a quote to promote the book–maybe on the back of the book? I need blurbs, people. Anyone want to blurb Safe House?
I also need more reviews and need to send our more ARCS, as soon as I get them made!

I have, I kid you not, 516 emails in my in-box–and that is just one of my four email accounts, piling up waiting for me to get time to answer them. But that was because I was stupid enough to take on an extra job doing taxes just as my book was coming out. Silly me! What do I need money for? I’ll only spend it on more promo! Who needs to pay their own taxes and incidentally, eat?

I am overwhelmed. I am out of my league. How does anyone ever do all this? Someone, please, give me a hint now.


2 responses to “Crunch Time

  1. For starters, you might want to find a very small isolated place somewhere, and simply freak out for about five minutes. Get all of the aggravation out of your system.

    As for doing it all at once, maybe if you just a little bit of each, in order of importance, that might do the trick.

    I know it’s tough but if you can prioritize what needs to be done, then your day can go a little smoother.

  2. Ok Christine, three deep breaths…do it with me now….in with the good air, out with the bad. That’s it, now keep going.

    Aside from deep, steady (regular 🙂 breathing, you might consider DELEGATING.

    Good luck mate and if there’s anything I can do, just let me know (seriously now).


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