Not now, I’m busy!

.Someone, a couple of weeks ago, commented on his muse’s habit of popping up at awkward moments. I wish I had a solution – but I don’t!


My muse behaves badly. I have a few spare hours, plenty of paper and pencil, and all my chores are done, and I sit at my desk, waiting for inspiration to strike.


Inspiration doesn’t so much strike as limp away, moaning ‘leave me alone, I don’t feel well’. Nothing happens – and as I’ve mentioned before, forcing my muse doesn’t work very well either.


However, come a busy Monday morning, piles of work, no free time for hours, and lots to do, and my muse will suddenly pop cheerily up, screaming ‘I’ve got this great idea!’. And it’s impossible to keep the idea in my head until I have a few spare hours.


It’s not convenient. And I don’t really know how to control my muse to turn up at the correct time and place. (And truth to tell, I’d rather not do that anyway – I rather like the idea that even though my life is surrounded by rules and clocks and chores, my muse runs free!)


I have learnt a few little tricks to keep my muse satisfied. I try to always keep a little bit of paper around me, and a pen – those little notebooks are very handy. Though I have to remember to type them up, or I end up with little scraps of paper stuffed everywhere.


I try to always escape from the office at lunchtime, so I can write then. If it really can’t wait, I have been known to quickly escape to the loo for a quick scribble.


And if I’m stuck without paper, and without time, and I come up with a really good line, I just keep repeating it to myself (silently!) until it’s firmly stuck in my head.


I’m also contemplating getting a Blackberry or an iPhone, so I can quickly type up any ideas I have whilst on the move.


But that’s all I have. So if your muse keeps popping up at odd times – I sympathise – but all I can suggest is – get a good memory, and a little notebook!


Now I have to go – i had a great idea for a story about 2 o’clock this afternoon – and I have to write it before it disappears altogether.


One response to “Not now, I’m busy!

  1. granthamtech

    For me, just starting out, I find that the disciplined approach works. I set aside time every working day and dedicate it to writing. Having now retired I tell myself that this is now my job and that with it comes the responsibility to apply myself to the exclusion of all other distractions. As I say it seems to be working for me and I can only hope that this somewhat practical approach doesn’t affect my creativity.

    In addition of course I’m still running over ideas and even composition while I’m also trying to sleep. Can’t tell you how frustrating it is to wake up and not to be able to remember my ‘genius’ idea from the night before.


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