What I Use THIS Blog For!

safehouseOkay, having posed the question last week asking why people read blogs, I feel I have to be honest about why I write this one. Technically, people– writers, at least, are supposed to write blogs. It’s almost a given now. We’re supposed to write them to promote whatever else we write. And we are supposed to try to connect with an audience. Sounds good, right?
I may have started out with that motive, but now I write this blog for other reasons. I carp and gripe about it occasionally but really, not all that much. Because secretly, it is one of those writer things I look forward to. (Now there is a sentence fragment guaranteed to get me in trouble with the grammar police.)
Writing this blog gets me focused on writing again. I’m not talking about the promo part of writing either. I have to formulate my thoughts. I need to stick to a theme–writing. I need to consider you, my reader, and your needs. Many times I have to do research to make sure what I’m sharing with you is accurate. And the bottom line is I have to write.
Many times, having this jumpstart my brain back into that mode gives benefits in my other writing. Or to be less wordy, this gets me going again on my work in progress. I used to know a woman who wrote poetry for the first fifteen minutes everyday to get herself going. Of course, we’ve all readd of people like Anne Lamott and Natalie Goldberg who recommend we “freewrite” to get going. If not I suggest you pick up one of their books. But this blogs works better for me.
It’s not often in life that we get to like the things we should do. I just wanted to tell you how nice it is that this one of them. What writing chores do you like?


3 responses to “What I Use THIS Blog For!

  1. Hmmm….I don’t look at it so much as writing chores, but my blog has helped me with my creativity/lingering anger management issues.

    I’ve used my blog to basically learn how to write. When I first started it last year, I was still doing all the things that most books/people tell you not to do (overwriting and info dumps for example). But as the year progressed and the more I wrote on my blog, the better my writing seemed to get.

    So basically, I’ve used (and continue to use my main blog) as a good tool to work on my writing.

  2. B logging does get my mind going. It’s fun to think up new topics to write about.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. I love the idea of the blog as warmup, for writers. I think mine is the same, it helps me get my writer’s shoes on before I go for a run. Anne Lamott would surely approve. Thanks for the post!

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