What do you use blogs for?

safehouse Recently I read that American newspapers are hitting the dust because many of us are getting our news online now–specifically, this source said, from blogs.
Now I am an avid reader of blogs, especially since I’ve been trying to do this one and put my own blog tour together. I use a blog aggregator called Netvibes that comes up as my home page with all of my favorite blogs already loaded on it. I can see at a glance if they have updated and if I want to comment on them. But I never see news there. I get occasional news updates from Twitter–but it’s the stuff like, did you hear So and So died.
I still tend to get my news from CNN or MSNBC. That’s not why I read a blog. And my favorite blogs might comment on news–but they don’t really revolve around news. I read writers’ blogs, because I don’t get enough professional interaction with other writers. Or sometimes I read hoping to pick up the occasional promo tip, or writing insight. I read to be amused and to get relaxed.
So now I’m wondering as I try to get this blog tour thing going, maybe I should be aiming to do something. Maybe I should figure out why folks read blogs so I can try to meet the need. So I’m asking you–Why do you read blogs?


2 responses to “What do you use blogs for?

  1. I originally started reading blogs because it was good way to pass the time while I was a taking a break from writing.

    First, I had to find a few blogs to read. But once I found a few (like yours), I found that they were a lot more interesting to follow and comment on than what I was doing at the time (chat rooms).

    Now I read them to stay relatively informed, but because of the type I follow, I’ve been able to pick up good writing tips, interesting viewpoints on the world around me and meet new people.

    Mostly though, I read blogs because I truly enjoy reading, and blogs are the best substitute for me when I can’t get to the library.

  2. I don’t read blogs for political commentary or even for specialized information. I read them because I am interested in people’s personal lives and in their professional expertise only insofar as it affects their personal lives.

    For instance, I don’t read “how to” blogs unless they incorporate a lot of the writer’s personal experience. Even writerly blogs have to contain heart and immediacy and I don’t get that from most blogs where the focus is on teaching me something. I prefer when the writer comes across as sharing lessons they themselves have learned, like you three are managing so well here on your blog.

    I fell in love with blogs, or online journals, because I’d written letters and diaries all my life and online journals meant I’d get to read somebody else’s! Woo hoo!

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