narelle-thumb12Well, here it is, 4 weeks into the querying process for the non-fiction book and so far I’ve only sent out two partials. The second was a cold call.

In my defense, I’ve been a bit sick for the last couple of weeks, but in all honesty, I think I’m scared of rejection. Mind you, that won’t stop me from querying but it does seem to have slowed me down

Twelve months ago, I was querying for a fiction project and I was blanketing the US Editors with queries. The only selection criteria I used was: do they accept e-mail queries and do they represent fiction writers? If the answer was yes to both, I sent a query. Net result was several partial requests but lots of rejections.

I realize that rejection is part of the sales process but I noticed that too many in too short a timeframe played havoc with my writing confidence last time. Hence, I’ve slowed the query rate right down this time. I think I need to pick the pace up a bit – one query a fortnight is too cautious.  Maybe I’ll aim for one good one each week.

Please share your querying/sales stories. Whether they’re success or fail stories – share them – I’d love to hear them.


One response to “Querying

  1. Maybe you should try POD (Publishing On Demand)?

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