What do I do now?

. First off, apologies for being late – for one thing, I was partying a little last night, and for another – well, I didn’t know what to write. There was a blank page in front of me, and I had my nemesis – writer’s block.

I tried my usual tricks. I went to the toilet – sounds odd, but it works sometimes, like I just need that quick break to reset my brain. But not this time.

So I tried doing something else for a while – either reading or watching television, to allow my subconscious ‘lizard brain’ to work. Well, I reread Jane Eyre, read The Brutal Art and watched 2 seasons of 24, and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed those (and rediscovered the hotness of Tony Almeida!), still my brain refused to co-operate.

There was the staring out of the window of my bus option. That did have some success. I came up with the great opening line and general outline to a ghost story, firmed up my action plan for the next year, and completely re-wrote the 1st chapter of my book, but my blog remained stubbornly unwritten.

There was one last option – shopping. A totally frivolous and shallow activity, designed to please the senses, keep my frontal lobe busy while hopefully stimulating my lizard brain. Bit of aimless drifting round the shops, quick spurt of joy at finding that perfect dress and a spot of staring at strangers out of the window of the coffee shop should work – and it generally does. I once cried out ‘of course – she should do a Sidney Carton!’ in the middle of Littlewoods when I was trying to figure out a particularly tricky ending. And though I did find a perfect dress, inspiration for my blog remained defiantly dead.

So, I had to give up. I only hope by next week I can think of something to write.


2 responses to “What do I do now?

  1. Actually, you just pulled off a very fine Seinfield moment.

    You managed to make a post about not being able to write a post.


  2. I feel your pain. Happens to me all the time…but yes, a fine Seinfield moment.

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