Writing: A Solitary Endeavor?

safehouseI’ve been a member of many local writers groups–some for years and years.  But lately, due to writing friends moving, giving up writing, or in the case of a couple of dear, dear friends,  dying, I’ve been feeling more and more alone.  The net result has been that I’m not attending critique, since it is too much effort right now to find a new group.  And since I’m not attending critique,  I don’t put as much of a premium on writing as I should.  I still get the promo done, still try to sell the next book  and still  plan to write but more often than not, it never goes farther than just planning.

I  groused about this in an email with one of my now distant writer friends (What is it with the East coast anyway?  Why do you all move to the East coast?  Is there some writing attraction there I don’t know about?)   and she said she was having the same problem.   She’d joined groups as soon as she moved there, but those groups were not close and she tended not to get there.  Consequently, her work in progress was not getting done either.

We theorized about it for a bit.  Her theory is that women are social, and that we need that group dynamic to keep going.  My personal theory is that I am a lazy slug who does better when I have someone to nag me.  For the record, I’ve tried doing critiques on-line, but the nagging appears to have to be in my face.  Emails are just not all that effective on me.

What helps you write?  Do you agree with the social animal idea?  Or do you charge ahead when the writing is easy and maybe let it lag when the idea cools a bit?  Tell us!  Better yet, tell us what your solution is to get going again.  I could use the help.


One response to “Writing: A Solitary Endeavor?

  1. I’m not sure what helps me write anymore. I think it’s a myriad of random things that happen to touch me in a particular way that gets me to write.

    Okay, I know that sounded a little vapid, but it was the best I could on the spur of the moment.

    But one solution I had to get myself jumpstarted on my latest project (well two actually), was to talk about it in my blog.

    I first sowed the seeds of starting my next project by asking everyone what I should work on next, and gave them five options. Once I got a opinion on what I should do next, I got to work on it.

    Taking into consideration what a procrastinator I can be, I decided that one way to keep me working on it, was to give weekly updates about it on my blog.

    So for the past four weeks, I’ve been updating my readers on my current writing project, and other tangents associated with it, and so far, it’s been a good outlet for me.

    I’ m not saying it would work for everyone, but for me, giving people a view on what makes me tick as writer and what makes me write, works out as a win-win situation: I keep working on my next project and I hopefully keep everyone interested enough to take a chance on it when it’s finished.

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