Faith in Mankind

safehouse1As I may have mentioned, I have taken a job doing taxes for the season in order to make a little more money. For the most part, it’s routine. The people who have come in so far are not exactly wealthy. Many are struggling. Everyone gripes about the economy. A few gripe about the government giving their hard earned money away. It could be depressing, if I let it get to me.
But this week, a couple came in who had both been out of work all year. Between them, they only made 15,000, as they had only found temporary work all year and supplemented that with selling magazine subscriptions. And they were raising two kids on that.
Before they came in, I had been worrying about bills and wondering why I wanted to be a writer when the average income from writing is still only about 5000.00 a year. But after meeting them, I felt that I was really lucky, and I kept hoping they would get a humongous refund although the numbers told me they wouldn’t.
They never griped. Never seemed to lose their patience, although they had to wait a while to get their taxes done. Then, just as I was finishing up, I got to the part where the state asks if you would like to donate your some of your refund to a list of about a dozen charities. Most folks page right on by that. This couple didn’t.
They carefully surveyed the list, considered their miniscule state refund, and donated the whole thing to the domestic violence coalition.
I have no way of telling you what that did for me that day. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. So I thought I’d just pass it on to you.


One response to “Faith in Mankind

  1. Oh thats… it’s stories like that which restore my faith in humanity.

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