Writing for Anthologies by Julie Bonn Heath

Julie Bonn Heath

Julie Bonn Heath

The anthology market offers great opportunity for publication for both new and seasoned writers. My first opportunity for publication came through an anthology book and helped me brand my name as a writer. This led to hundreds of articles published, speaking engagements, blogger jobs and my own compilation book, “Then Along Came an Angel: Messengers of Deliverance”. For seasoned writers, anthology writing can assist with keeping your name in the game, further developing your platform and even bring appearance opportunities.

Because I teach anthology classes, I receive questions about the current anthology opportunities in regards to the economy and I am pleased to let you know that although the small story markets decreased sharply a few years back, the current economic situation is not greatly affecting the opportunity for publication through anthologies.

Here are some of my tips for publishing in nonfiction anthology books:

Spruce up your writing skills. I recommend reading, underlining and re-reading the book “Writing for Story” by Jon Franklin. Make sure you read the award-winning stories within the book that Franklin has written.

Choose a story from your life or someone else’s that evokes emotion and has a defining moment of a lesson learned or impact. If you have a memoir in you but hesitate to send it out because “memoirs aren’t selling well”, smaller stories in anthology books may be the answer for you.

Format your story with the title and your by-line at the top. Double-Space and use size 12 Times New Roman Font.

Write the story as if it is fiction-using dialogue and thoughts throughout. Watch for passive verbs. Then re-write it. You aren’t done with your story until it shines. Note: Do not do this all in one day. Let your story sit a day or two before going back to make changes.

Send it to your critique partners or read it to your writing group. Consider all suggestions.

Finalize your story and write another as you look for markets.

Find market listings through: Chicken Soup (link to http://www.chickensoup.com/form.asp?cid=possible_books), Adams Media (link to: http://www.adamsmedia.com/Default.aspx?tabid=495), Funds for Writers (link to: http://www.fundsforwriters.com/) and TheContestingAnthologist (link to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheContestingAnthologist/?yguid=178686743). If you are on Yahoo or Google Groups, I recommend that you do an “anthology” search to see which groups actively discuss anthologies and provide market information.


Julie Bonn Heath (www.juliebonnheath.com) is an author and PR/Marketing Consultant. She offers blog tours as one of her many services. She has stories in the anthologies “Classic Christmas”, “Nudges from God”, “Living by Faith”, “Then Along Came an Angel” and the upcoming “Chicken Soup for the Friend’s Soul”. Read stories from her angel book and view tour information with Joan Wester Anderson at http://www.thenalongcameanangel.blogspot.com


8 responses to “Writing for Anthologies by Julie Bonn Heath

  1. Thanks for letting me guest post!

  2. Very good advice, Julie. I think many verteran writers overlook the anthology possibilities unless they’ve joined a writers’ organization that regularly produces members’ work in anthologies. I’m going to recommend them to my fledgling writers’ group on Yahoo.

  3. Thank you, Jean Henry Mead. I teach at writer’s conferences on Writing for Anthologies and since there also seems to be interest here online, I might also post more anthology info at my new blog: http://www.jbhmarketing.wordpress.com. Thanks for commenting and recommending the post!
    Julie Bonn Heath

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  5. musebookreviews

    Hi Julie. I enjoyed your post. I’ve been offering anthology projects to my members for 3 years now to give new writers an opportunity to be published. Currently there are 4 books published that has opened the doors to writers to finally have something to add to their bio/media kit.

  6. Hi Musebookreviews. Thanks for commenting. Is membership open to anyone?

  7. Hi everyone. Got an anthology story opportunity in my inbox this morning and wanted to let you know about it. I submitted a story and hope you will too. More at: http://christmasmiraclesbook.com/

  8. Thanks for this great article. I and a group of writers have got together to publish an anthology. I was going to buy an ISBN number for my book and they come in batches of 10 so will use one for the anthology.
    The thing is someone asked “who owns the book?”
    I know all the authors own copyright to their own work but who does own the book? Is it a group/community book or will it be me because I bought the ISBN number?
    I do have to start a publishing company to buy the ISBN numbers. I just don’t want to have to deal with copyright troubles if I suddenly find my anthology on Oprah’s book club because I am making all the money thanks to their poetry!

    Appreciate any guidance if you are able to give any
    thanks alot

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